Choc-A-Block Mud Cake


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I have been craving chocolate like you cannot believe.  I have never, ever, ever been like this before as I usually crave normal things like grated carrot and walnut pancakes or quinoa and fig porridge - never chocolate.
It seems that my sweet tooth has flared since commencing seventy-hour working weeks and all I want to do is create the most decadent chocolate desserts I can.  But who says decadence has to compromise nutrition?

This mud cake, like all my recipes, are healthy variations to the traditional and is choc-full with good fats, fibre and protein.

150g dairy and sugar-free dark chocolate
1/3 C cacao powder
1/3 C boiling water
250g steamed granny smith apples (peels removed)
1/2 C xylitol
2tsp vanilla essence
1/2 C brown rice flour
2 tsp bi-carb soda
2 cups almond meal
4 egg, separated

1. Combine cacao powder and boiling water in a mixing bowl, stirring until smooth.

2. Temper chocolate pieces in a double boiler over medium heat ensuring the chocolate does not burn.

3. Mash or puree the steamed apples. 

4.  Add the melted chocolate, apple, xylitol and vanilla essence to the cacao mix.  

5.  Sift in the brown rice flour and bi-carb.

6. Fold in the almond meal.

7. Add in one egg yolk at a time,  mixing thoroughly each time.

8.  Using an electric mixer whisk the egg whites in a small bowl until they form soft peaks.
NB: You can opt to whisk them manually, but prepare yourself for at least ten minutes of continuous bicep burning beating. 

9.  Fold half of the egg whites into the cake mixture, and then repeat for the second half.

10.  Pour mix into a lined cake tin, and bake in a moderate oven for about an hour or until the cake has cooked all the way through.  

I am eating this for breakfast this morning before I rush off to work!


Yummy! Looks Choc-licious!
I love everything chocolate!
Thanks for the recipe!
Ming - Gluten Free Wagon

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