Honeycomb Ice-Cream


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This little number has been long anticipated around our house after the arrival of a 'surprise' ice-cream machine for Christmas.  Idea after idea for ice-cream designs floated around in our heads for weeks until it all kind of just fizzled out.
Until today.
Today was the day that heaven froze over.

Ice-cream is so simple and easy, it's ridiculous.  I have never been a big ice-cream eater as, frankly, I find dairy (and sugar) gives me the runs and makes me have weird dreams.

My father is the same.  He has been lactose intolerant for years but decided he could not live life to the utmost without ice-cream, so he developed his own (amazing) recipes and invested a minute amount in an ice-cream maker.  After all these years, my father the ice-cream-maker veteran is still developing and perfecting recipes, and so I pretty much take his ice-cream-maker advice as gospel.  This recipe is predominantly influenced by him - thankyou Father-dear!

There are many different ways to make ice-cream with many varying ingredients, and today is just going to be one variation.  But do not fear, there will be many more ice-cream-making endeavours to share before I'm done!

Also, ice-cream makers are not essential to making good quality ice-cream.  Simply making the batter and putting in a sealed container at the bottom of the freezer will work just as well, but prolongs the waiting time before consumption. 

The ingredients:
2 egg yolks*
400mL coconut cream
Vanilla essence
3 tbs honey
*I hate separating eggs as I believe you should eat things whole as they come in nature.  But for now, humour me, I am using my Dad's advice as gospel ok?

1. Whisk the yolks and honey together, in a heat-proof bowl, until smooth.


2.  Then whisk them over boiling water until it froths and doubles in size.

3.  Transfer the bowl to a cold water bath and continue whisking until mixture has cooled.

4. Pour the coconut cream in.

5. Pour the mix into the ice-cream maker, delaying putting in segments of the honeycomb for a few minutes until mixture has started to solidify.  

6. Consume once the mixture has reached the desired consistency.

It is heaven, right?


Oh my golly, this looks incredible! Coconut and honeycomb; what a blissful combination!

thanks! I'm a little obsessed with everything coconut at the moment!

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